Liverpool 'Teenagers With Experience' Helping Others

11 July 2016, 05:00

One teen's way of helping her anxiety has proved to be a big hit with hundreds of others looking for support.

Emily Taylor, 16, started the 'Teenagers With Experience" website to help with her own anxiety: "I've had really bad experiences with counsellors in the past and I think that if I'd have had teenagers there for me I would have coped a lot more so I wanted to do that for others.

"I've got 35 people who contribute to the site, some are writers for the website and then others like Jack do twitter because he wants to take part.  "Every person who is part of it has experiences whether it's social anxiety or they're transgender or something like that so we're all in it together."

There is a disclaimer on the website which says that: "Everything we say on this website is purely from our own personal experiences and opinions. Please do not feel like you have to do what we suggest as we are not professionals and cannot give professional advice", and Childline/NSPCC praising Emily for the website.

"When you go to counsellors you're not really that open because you're face to face and thinking 'they might judge me, this might not be normal' but if we're online and we're saying saying 'this is what we have' and they're like 'oh that's what I have too', you feel like 'you're not alone, we're behind the screen and some people feel more confident when they're behind the screen."