Rochdale Teen Pulled From Canal

6 June 2016, 17:31

Police say the 13 year old nearly drowned after falling into the canal in Middleton.

Rescue crews were called to the stretch of water near to Boarshaw Clough Way just after 8pm last night to reports of a boy in the water.  The 13 year old, who had been playing with friends, was pulled out of the water and had to be given CPR and remains in critical condition in hospital.

Inspector Andy Butterworth from GMP’s Rochdale Borough said: "First of all, my thoughts are with the child and his family. 

“We are now investigating how the boy came to fall into the water and we are appealing for anyone with any information to come forward. 

"We are reminding children and adults alike that the canals and waterways around Greater Manchester are extremely dangerous. We understand it can be very tempting, especially in this hot weather, to play in them but we don’t want a repeat of this awful incident."

Echoing the Inspector's comments is Beckie Ramsey from Chorley.  Her son Dylan, 13, died in 2011 after he went swimming with friends in a near by quarry:  "It was a red hot sunny day like today and he decided to go swimming in the local disused quarry, I don't think he realised just how dangerous it was."

Despite being a very good swimmer, an inquest found Dylan died from Cold Water Shock, this is when the body shuts down because of the extreme change of temperature between the air and the water, now Beckie wants the dangers of open water to be taught in school: "people think just because they can swim that's it, that's only half the battle because open water is dangerous and can take your life in the blink of an eye.

"water safety needs to be as big on the curriculum as road safety, stranger danger, people need to know about this.  "More people die in open water than in fires and drink drive related incidents which is a huge statement to make but it's fact."

You can see Beckie's petition here