New Appeal For Hillsborough Helpers

23 April 2015, 13:20 | Updated: 23 April 2015, 13:31

Investigators looking into the Hillsborough disaster want to identify people who helped during the disaster.

Operation Resolve, the criminal investigation into the Hillsborough Disaster think that these people may hold vital information about what happened, but have so far not been identified.

Assistant Commissioner John Stoddard has been leading the investigation, he's been talking to Heart: "We are very keen to identify who these people are so they can help the families fill in the gaps of what the movements of their loved ones were in their last moments"

"These people all helped in moving some of these young people into the playing arena and in the pens, so it's important that the families know exactly what happened that day

Mr Stoddard goes on to say that these people aren't in any trouble: "I can fully understand why anybody would be reluctant to come forward for any number of personal reasons, but I would just urge them to think about what this means to the relatives and friends of the families, and to put aside any trepidation's, they've got nothing to worry about."

The phone number if you have any information is: 08000 283284