Olympic torch bearer - Josh Hill

Name: Josh Hill
Age: 13
Hometown: Northwich
Carrying the Flame on 30th May 2012 through Wrexham.

Josh's nomination story:

"Joshua attended Winnington Park Primary School where I work. In 2004 he was diagnosed with Leukaemia. Whilst Joshua was undergoing very painful treatment, his close family found it difficult to find anywhere they could visit due to his low immune system. He could not go to indoor play areas, cafes, cinemas or anywhere people gathered in a confined space. Joshua bore all this so bravely whilst his peers were enjoying life. He came into school whenever he was able - sometimes only for half an hour before he had to go home. He is now 12 and in remission but Joshua and his family want to help others. They have decided to create a haven for families going through similar circumstances. They have organised numerous fund raising events, in which Joshua takes part, and have just got planning permission to build a Holiday House in Cheshire which gives families a sense of freedom and fun. The Joshua Tree will include soft play areas, a cinema and an all weather court as well as areas for when privacy is needed. The building is also an environmentally friendly structure with wind turbines and solar panels. Families of children with life threatening illnesses will be able to stay at The Joshua Tree free of charge . His parents, Dai and Lynda Hill, are very special people as are his siblings Adam and Bethan. I would like to nominate Joshua to be a torchbearer as this would show how proud I am of him and his family. They will change the lives of so many people in the North West. The building will be an environmentally friendly structure but wind turbines will not be used now. Also there will no longer be an all weather court because of lack of space. Everything else is correct thank-you"

Heart Josh Hill speaking to Heart:

We caught up with Josh as he finished his torch relay. Watch the video below.