Should glass be banned?

A women who's been scarred for life after an unprovoked attack when a glass bottle was thrown into her face, wants to see plastic used in pubs and clubs instead.

All this week on Heart we're looking at the problem, as Nicola Roberts from Wrexham calls on the goverment to make it a law that busy places use plastic instead of glass.

Nicola, 21, was left scarred for life after a bottle was thrown at her head whilst in a Wrexham nightclub last September.

Nicola Roberts talks to Heart's Caroline Sutton

Heart's Caroline Sutton has been looking further at the issue, talking to Gwent Police who have already banned glass in Newport, a Merseyside Paramedic, and others who have seen first hand the problems caused by glass attacks.

Should glass be banned in pubs and clubs?

North Wales Police would not comment on the issue.