Solar Saving for Nightingale Hospice

Nightingale House in Wrexham are currently spending £70,000 on electricity every year, they've told Heart this could now drop by a massive 45 per cent.

Hospice bosses have done their sums and they reckon an extra £20,000 can now be freed up to spend on patient care thanks to the installation of the energy saving devices.

The panels have been donated by local electronics company Sharp who are now one of the biggest manufacturers in Europe. 

Nightingale House provides specialist care, free of charge to families across North Wales and into parts of Cheshire and Shropshire. It costs nearly £3 million pounds to keep open each year, this works out as £7000 everyday.

They've told Heart they generally rely on public donations to survive, government sourced funding only covers 69 days of the year.