Students worried by sharing

Single room, single desk, single wardrobe and bunk beds

A mum from Wrexham has been in touch with Heart after her daughter was told she'd be sharing a single room with another student in bunk beds!

Ann's daughter is going to Aberystwyth University, but after applying for a single room, she was shocked to find out she'd be sharing:  "What if they both have an assignment or an exam coming up and they both need to study?

"It's just completely spoiled the experience, and to be honest it's completely ruined her last week at home."

In a statement, Professor Martin Jones, Pro Vice-Chancellor said: "We feel privileged to be in this position.

"A year on year strong performance in student satisfaction has resulted in a record number of students accepting a place at the University."

The statement also says that the University is confident that it will be able to meet its housing guarantee for first year students through the provision of a series of innovative and flexible measures.

Ben Meakin, University Guild of Students President said: "Although bunks are not ideal, at least they will provide a bed for students. We are working to ensure that any student in a bunk room will receive the fantastic experience that Aberystwyth is renowned for". 

What do YOU think of the rooms?  This video from the university shows the rooms.

Video uploaded to youtube by Aberystwyth University