Two die in North Wales plane crash

15 November 2013, 17:20

The twin-engined light aircraft crashed near the runway at Airbus UK, Broughton, at 13.07 this (Friday) afternoon

A man was pronounced dead at the scene with a woman taken to the Countess of Chester Hospital where she later died.

Airbus UK, who own the airport have told Heart that the light aircraft was not related to their business, and it came down on the Eastern side of the airport where there are a number of hangers, factories and private aerospace businesses.

Tonight (Fri) the runway is closed as the Air Accident Investigation Branch carry out their enquiries and will stay closed until they have finished.

The small airfield near the England Wales border handles a number of flights daily; a charter passenger service for Airbus employees between their other sites in Bristol and Toulouse (France), a freight service carrying Airbus wings to factories across europe, the airport is also home to a number of small private aircraft as well as a police helicopter covering North Wales and the North West of England.