Has Lorna Finally Found True Love?

Joel and Lorna have spoken about 'supermarket romances' on the show in the past... but has their theory finally come true?

1 in 8 of us have admitted to exchanging numbers with people whilst pushing our trolley round... and 6:38pm is the best time if you're looking for love!

Lorna was out shopping... take a listen to what happened when she was loading the car:

Lorna's not alone on this... you were sharing your stories:

Julie: My friend met her fella in the supermarket. She nipped to Tesco one Sunday morning... no make up on with slippers and joggers! She met him and they've been married a few years now!

Claire: I met my husband at an supermarket... we've been married 10 years yesterday.

This has given Joel an idea... if you're single keep Thursday night free AND make sure you're listening to Heart Breakfast tomorrow after 8am!

Joel & Lorna x