Joel And Lorna Have A Baby

What happens when Joel and Lorna are given a VIRTUAL baby to look after for 24 hours each? Needy, tantrums and nappies!

In 2015 there was the birthday of another Royal Baby, Joel and Lorna wanted to experience exactly what it's like to deal with a newborn baby!

8 year old Virtual Baby Alice was delivered on Monday... and has to be fed, rocked, burped and changed.

EVERYTHING is recorded and monitored... so the guys had to make sure they were available for Alice's every need!

Joel was first to look after her... here's how he got on:

So here it is... Joel's attempt at looking after Baby Alice! Do you think he did well?!Lorna x

Posted by Heart North West on Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Then on Tuesday, it was Lorna's turn... she found it much harder than expected:

Posted by Heart North West on Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Who do you think did the best?!

Joel & Lorna x