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Keep checking here to see how Spence is getting on as he tries to lose more weight than Angela. Spence'sfitness regime consists of walking the dog more and eating more carefully while Angela is hitting the gym...but who will win in the battle of bulge? Keep listening to heart Breakfast to find out.

Monday 24th January:

Well I was made up to lose another pound on the fitness challenge on Friday. So I had Saturday and Sunday off, sort off. Went to the pub Friday, had half fish and half chips with the other half as well and on Saturday had a few glasses of wine.

Thing is, I’m NOT on a diet here – I’m just trying to prove you can lose weight by not dieting and just watching what you eat and exercising a bit more. Sunday I did a 45 min power walk on the streets around where I live with my ipod on and walking to the beat. I also walked the dog for 45 mins twice on Saturday and Sunday. And for tea yesterday I had an Ainsley Harriott Hot n Sour Packet Soup, some German ham and home-made carrot onion coleslaw with low-fat salad cream for tea last night.

Pork chops for tea tonight (fat cut off) and two walkies for Daisy are today’s plan. I have never been as low as my current weight in 15 years so this is really spurring me on to my target (eventually not after 4 weeks) of losing another 2 inches off my waist for Summer. Who knows? Oh I had some wine gums as well over the weekend, just remembered!


Weds 19th January:

So I am trying my best by eating healthily – jacket potato with Lighter Lurpak (just can’t ruin a spud with margarine!) LoLo Cheese and Co-Op Healthy Coleslaw along with some rocket salad and a hard boiled egg. All followed by some Orange Jelly – don’t know how many calories there are in that though.

Had my haircut yesterday and walked to the barber instead of driving – that’s a mile and a half round trip and took Daisy doggy for walkies again to try and keep trim.

Did well in 2 days last week losing 2 lbs so hopefully can lose another couple this week.

I think I’ll beat Angela this week as she seems to be gobbling a lot of bad things from what I can gather, believing going to the gym a couple of times will offset it.

Extra walkies and eating a bit healthier (not a diet) will win the day – I’m convinced!


Monday 10th January:

So for Day One I took Daisy for a long walk in the afternoon and again at night ….the extra night walk is a mile and a half more than I do so that should help.

And my healthy eating involved good snacks of carrots for me and Daisy and a healthy tea for me and the better half of a giant bag of stir-fry with some nice free range chick chicks.