Supermarket Sweep-Hearts

The supermarket is THE place to find love... 1 in 8 of us have admitted to exchanging numbers with people whilst pushing our trolley round!

6:38pm is the best time to go shopping if you're looking for love... so Joel and Lorna are putting this to the test!

On Thursday night (3rd July) they want you to go to your local supermarket if you're single to try and find 'the one'.

These are the only rules for their Supermarket Sweep-Hearts:

- You need to go to the condiments aisle (where there's salt and pepper and things like ketchup and mustard!)
- You need to be wearing red
- You can either go between 6pm and 7pm OR 8pm and 9pm

We've already got loads of people getting involved in this - make sure you do too:

Let us know if you're going to get involved (and which supermarket you'll be going to) by dropping us a message here!

Joel & Lorna x