Trolley Tax on Heart Breakfast

Joel and Lorna broke the news about TROLLEY TAX on Heart Breakfast in the North West.

You know how you have to use a £1 coin to get a trolley when you go shopping?

UK supermarkets are going to start enforcing a standard charge of £1 per 15 minutes for the use of their trolleys.

If you exceed 15 minutes, the wheels will automatically lock up until you top up with another £1.

It’s going to be launching on a trial basis in Preston… then we’ll see a full roll out in April across the UK.

Take a listen to all the details... do you think it's a GOOD or BAD idea?!

Peter: No chance! They get enough money out of us when we do our shopping!

Nicola: Who can shop in 15 minutes? People will use online shopping more... I can see it backfiring if it happens.

Gemma: Might make people move through the aisles quicker, but no I wouldn't pay. I'd shop for a little more often.

Joel & Lorna x