Social Media Commandments

On Wednesday's show I asked you, what really annoyed you about Facebook?

That morning I'd done the usual wake up, roll out of bed and check my phone... only to find a status on Facebook that really wound me up.

Carly Smith: "I'm SO MAD!!!!!!!"

No explanation. Nothing. Grrrrr!

So I thought we should compile a list of Social Media Commandments. 

Here are some of your suggestions:



PHIL: Thou shalt not put statuses on about snow or hot weather. We all have windows.

SUSANNE: Thou shalt not express love to one another sat in the same room..BaBe! Oh and ask for a drink.

DIANE: Thou shalt not watch every video posted by your friends at full volume while your girlfriend is trying to watch hollyoaks!!

ANNIE: Thou shall not send game requests.

ALISON: Thou shalt not publicise your life then complain when people comment.

STEPHANIE: Thou shalt not have dual facebook page e.g. JaneAndPeter Smith.

EDITH: Thou shalt not go on about how much you love your children. We all love our children. What do you want a medal?