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Wednesday 16th June

I was walking the dog last night minding my own business  when a van honked me. I turned to look, and the driver flicked me the V!

And there's me thinking I lived in a nice area..

Tuesday 15th June

That's poor isn't it? I've not updated this for more than a week. Sorry. Anyway, tomorrow's column in the Daily Post if you fancy it features revenge, the Red Arrows and Rhyl Sun Centre..

Monday 7th June

There was a bloke in my local swimming pool yesterday who had his mobile phone tucked in the back of his trunks! How important do you have to be to take calls whilst going down a water slide?!!

Thursday 3rd June

I'm still peeling from the sunburn from Sunday before last - I'm never making the mistake of shunning sun cream again.

Deb was in touch and said that natural yoghurt is great for treating sunburn. I was going to try her suggestion, but the yoghurt in our fridge was off, and I didn't want to compound my pain by smelling like a dodgy dairy on a hot day!

Tuesday 1st June

Nice to hear I wasn't the only person who had a disastarous Bank Holiday Weekend, judging by the messages this afternoon!Thanks if you took the time to get in touch.

Tomorrow afternoon it's your chance to win the final pair of tickets to see the opening night of Mamma Mia at the Echo Arena in Liverpool. Speak to you at 2.

Friday 28th May

Well that was a frantic, but fun Friday. Have a great Bank Holiday Weekend

Thursday 27th May

Thanks for the texts and emails this afternoon - always good to hear from you.

Tuesday 25th May

I am still in agony due to my sun burn. Today I am smothered in aloe vera gel, but it's not helping. The weekend just gone may well have been the last time I take my top off in the sun. Talking of which, tomorrow's column in the Daily Post manages to combine the weather, the Welsh Assembly and men's nipples..

Monday 24th May

I'm not really with it today - my self inflicted sun burn is taking its toll. Next time I'll buy use some sun cream before I go to the beach..

Wednesday 19th May

You're getting far too good at the Knowledge quiz, so I'm working on a tricky question tomorrow at 3..

Monday 17th May

What a weekend - I had a stand off in a shop over a lawnmower, and a son who decided to throw a massive strop just because he didn't want to get ready! Hopefully the last few days for you were a little more peaceful..

Thursday 13th May

Today was audience figure Thursday. Thank you for listening!

Wednesday 12th May

Lots of great texts and emails this afternoon - many thanks. Speak to you at 2.

Tuesday 11th May

Top tip from Rose the cleaner after she noticed my smelly trainers this afternoon - put a dock leaf in them at night to eliminate nasty niffs!

Monday 10th May.

I got roped into a children's entertainers act on Saturday. One minute I was simply watching the show, next I had to pretend to be a chicken. It wasn't an award winning performance..

Thursday 6th May

We were visited by the technical gremlins today - hopefully you were none the wiser! At one point, one of my computer screens was starting to smoulder..

Wednesday 5th May

My wedding anniversary today. Other couples probably go out for a romantic meal in an expensive restaurant. We're having fish and chips.

Thursday 29th April

Cold showers in our house until at least next Tuesday. Nothing to do with being over amorous, but everything to do with a broken boiler..

Tuesday 27th April

In my Daily Post column tomorrow, you will learn something I can guarantee you didn't already know. Unless you are an expert on the history of the dining table..

Monday 26th April

Slightly sunburnt after spending Saturday on the beach in Abersoch. Petrol stations in that part of North Wales must do ok - every other person seems to drive a 4x4..

Thursday 22nd April

Heading this weekend to the place where I once contracted mumps and my dad broke his arm on the beach. Yep, it's full of happy memories! Off to Abersoch - just as the temperatures get into the twenties. Marvellous..

Wednesday 21st April

Today I have learnt a few things, including the fact that the deeper the indent in the bottom of a bottle of wine, the better it is meant to be!

Tuesday 20th April

Weddings are the subject of tomorrow's Daily Post column. And on the radio, another £100 can be yours at 5 if you play 'The Sound of Money'.

Monday 19th April

We met a children's TV presenter on Saturday. He was really friendly, although my son was disappointed the next day when he saw him on telly and he didn't wave back when he said hello to the screen!

Friday 16th April

Have a good weekend. Monday afternoon the Sound of Money will continue - £100 is waiting for you at 5pm..

Tuesday 13th April

We've had a sudden urge to have a spring clean of our wardrobe. It's amazing how many clothes you seem to hang on to 'just in case', isn't it?

Monday 12th April

Didn't win the Grand National, didn't win the National Lottery, but did nearly get a parking ticket at the weekend. Gives you a sense of how lucky I am.

Friday 9th April

Have you had a cheeky bet on the Grand National? I've ended up with 'Hello Bud' on the office sweepstake. And because I didn't have any change on me, I'm going to have pay on Monday, even though I'll know by then that I haven't won!

Tuesday 6th April

Hope you had a good break.

My sister's wedding went well, and I've just discovered that the photographer used to be in an 80s almost successful chart act!

Thursday 1st April

Off down South for my sisters wedding. If you are a burglar reading this, don't try and break in to my house - it's so messy, we won't be able to tell you've been.

Happy Easter!

Wednesday 31st March

Been a fairly wet and wild day hasn't it?  I spent the morning chasing my son's plastic greenhouse around the back garden. Turns out it isn't gale proof.

Thanks if you've taken the time to read the column in today's Daily Post - all about telephone trouble this week..

Tuesday 30th March

Cute video alert! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Bmhjf0rKe8

Monday 29th March

The day didn't start too well, but it got better when I heard my car had passed its MOT, and TV legend Fred The Weatherman has joined Twitter! If you twitter too, you can follow me at www.twitter.com/leeradio

Friday 26th March

Was at the little one's pre school Easter Bonnet competition this morning. Parents can be very competitive, can't they? So much so, the groundsman of the cricket club next door had to be brought in to act as an impartial judge! Our hat design didn't even make the top 3..

Monday 22nd March

It's my son's fourth birthday tomorrow. I hope he likes his presents. What he's been pestering for in the last few days bears little resemblance to what we've bought..

Friday 19th March

I've dressed red - have you?

Lee in red

Thursday 18th March

Dress Red Day tomorrow. Join in - it's not exactly difficult to wear something red. Unless maybe you're an Everton or Manchester City fan..

Wednesday 17th March 

I now have the secret passwords to get into my blog, so will update this more often. In today's Daily Post column, read the story about me, 90s boyband 911 and some creased combat trousers..

Wednesday 3rd March

I know I can’t enter the competition to have my pet feature in a telly ad, but I didn’t want him to miss out on a picture on our website. So here’s Paddy, my terrierist.
Lee Thomas' Dog

Tuesday 23rd February

My local library has installed a self service scanning system. It’s much like the ones in the supermarket, only better, as the voice who shouts ‘ unexpected item in the baggage area’ has been turned down..

Friday 19th February

There’s been complaints. Complaints that I haven’t updated my blog enough. Will try harder! I do try and update my twitter account everyday – you can follow me at ‘leeradio’.

Hope you have a good weekend. I’m dog sitting – does life get any more glamorous than this?!

Tuesday 9th February

Wasn’t the best weekend – I was beaten at pool by my 4 year old godson, and in a separate incident, my dog was sick all over my mobile phone. Can you get insurance to cover this kind of thing?!

Monday 16th January

Spent the weekend looking at houses. Viewing them, not just staring through people's windows..

Friday 15th January

I feel like I achieved something today. I made a a lady on the Inland Revenue's helpline laugh. This is not easily done.

Wednesday 13th January

My wife had to carry my son's snowman home from the park today because 'he would be lonely if he was left there'!