Meet Lee Thomas

We've been brave and asked Lee the questions that everybody wants to know the answers to...

Favourite film - Dumb and Dumber

Favourite actor - Mitchell and Webb from Peep Show.

Favourite tipple - Red wine.

Best live act you've ever seen - U2 at the Millenium Stadium. Or maybe Steps at the MEN. One of these two statements is tongue in cheek.

Favourite party trick - I don't get to go to many parties as my son has to be in bed by 8.

Favourite landmark/place - Abersoch.

What animal would you be? - A cat. Sleep, eat, demand attention. Sleep again.

What's in your pockets at the moment? 2 pound coins and a untility tool.

Worst job - Taking the eyes out of potatoes so they could be sold as 'fresh' in my local corner shop.

First record you bought - Kajagoogoo Too Shy on flexible vinyl.

Favourite Website - Autotrader. I am always looking for a used car bargain.

Favourite Holiday Destination - Jersey. Its free to stay because I have friends there. Not that I'm tight or anything.

Idol / Icon - My dad. He can do DIY. And he once lifted a Ford Cortina out of mud in Anglesey with his bare hands.

Sexiest Person on the planet? My wife. I have to put this, she is stood behind me as I type.

Biggest regret - Putting the comment above.