Music Minute

Join Russ Morris on Heart Drivetime to test your music knowledge on Music Minute!

Can you identify a song from the intro alone? 

Can you name Spiller's first and final hit?

If the answer's, "Yes," the Music Minute is right up your street. 

On Heart Drivetime, Russ Morris will ask you a number of music related questions in sixty seconds, and it's up to you answer as many as you can.

If you manage to get the highest score of the week, you'll win a prize. 

Will you crack under pressure? Or will you be a Music Minute winner? Listen just after 5.30pm every weekday to play.

Enter by calling the studio when Russ opens the lines! 

The number you'll need is 0345 002 1054.

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Play MINI MUSIC MINUTE in the meantime. 

Put 60 seconds on the clock and see how many you can answer. 

3... 2... 1... GO!


1. Who had a hit with As Long As You Love Me?

2. 'Phil Oakey is the lead singer of which group?

3. Who sings on Calvin Harris’ We Found Love?

4. Which song links Prince and Tom Jones?

5. Doo-Wops and Hooligans is whose debut album?

6. Wheatus had a hit with which Erasure song?

7. The Killers sang about Mister who?

8. Which Ellie Goulding song was in Fifty Shades of Grey?

9. On which day were the Cure ‘In Love’?

10. How many members are in Little Mix?

11. Cerys Matthews was in which band?

12. Whose alter ego is The Real Slim Shady?

13. Kelis released a song about which drink?

14. The Appleton’s were in which band?

15. What was Sam Sparro’s only UK hit?

16. Twins Craig and Charlie Reid are better known as what?

17. Whose debut album was Definitely Maybe?

18. Who sang on Daft Punk’s Get Lucky?

19. “Should’ve put a ring on it”…. Is a line from which song?

20. Girls Aloud had a hit with Jump, but who sang the original?


Click the questions to reveal the answers! 

How did you do? 

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