Well done messages...

Here's your chance to tell us what Race for Life 2010 was like for you. Share your memories or say well done to someone who took part. Simply use the form at the bottom of the page.


Theresa Gregor

I took part because my best mate, sarah baker passed away at the age of 37 years,3 years ago,she had bowel cancer,she leaves behind two wonderful children(matthew and carly)she was an inspiration and she is sadly missed by me and her family.

Southwold Sizzlers

Well done to all the Southwold Sizzlers who took part in Race For Life 2010,and for the fab amount you have raised for this fantastic charity -  keep on donating!!!
Chloe Soanes

Kim Haines

Congratulaions to Kim Haines for completing the race for life on Saturday.  Blisters were worth it. 
Well Done,  your Coz


I didn't race for any one person, i took part in Race for life for the first time this year to raise money for research, prevention and cure! It was a very touching morning on sunday and i think everyone should be very proud to have been a part of it! Well Done to EVERYONE! I will be there again next year or might even push myself to do the 10k race if i can raise more money that way!

Sophia Ewers

Just want to say well done to my daughter Sophia Ewers who is 4 half month pregant and did race with me in memory of her Grandad, after the race she went to his grave and put her medal on his cross.

Katy Sweetman

A big thank you to my friends who walked with me on Sunday.  But more importantly to my two daughters Sofia 8 and Ofelia 10 who walked for their daddy who passed away in November after an 8 year fight.   He was incredibly brave and courageous and never gave up and always put us first and stayed around for as long as possible.  We had lived in Spain for 6 years after the UK could no longer give him new treatments.  Spain offered so many more and they gave him 6 extra and very special years with us.  We decided, after the Dr's in Spain said they could do no more, to return to the UK and we did so on 25th November, Jeremy held on for as long as possible but passed away on 28th November.  I love you babe and I miss you terribly, I am so proud to be your wife.   This is the first of many walks for us to help people in the same situation.  Our experience has touched and changed me, you are always in my heart Jeremy. xxx  Jeremy Sweetman 4.10.64-28.11.09

Lucy Bent

I felt so proud to have taken part in Race for Life again this year. I walked/jogged for my mum - a true survivor, and in memory of her parents who I never had the privilage to meet. I did RfL in memory of gramps, Robin, my dear friend Ali who died 10 years ago at the age of 20, and the many, many dear friends & family who I have lost to cancer along the way. I also did RfL for all the Thrift Shop girls & Open Arms with the British Forces in Cyprus - particularly Eleanor N & Daphne HD whose entire families have been affected by cancer and their constant spirit & courage continue to inspire me every day - as well as all the fundraising for Cancer charities that the girls in British Forces Cyprus do and the support they offer those affected by cancer (they were doing a Calender Girls fundraiser on the morning of Race for Life!) . RfL is always a very emotional day, but alway such fun and I always feel so humbled taking part with so many fantastic 'pink ladies'. To everyone who has been affected by cancer - keep strong and keep it fun - love from the glam 'mysterious girl' 315 (aka Lucy from Abingdon) xx

Julia Turner

I did the Race for life for my son David who died in1989 aged just 1 year old from a rare form of brain Tumour and my sister Elayne who died in 2001 from Cervicle cancer, and for anyone else who has lost their fight and to those in re-mission

Debbie Cross

6 years ago my Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a terrible shock to us all, but we rallied around and Mum just seemed to take it in her stride. She has been in remission for over 5 years now.Then on 13th may 2005 my Dad was diagned with multiple myloma, terminal bone cancer. we were told he would live 1-3 years. At first Dad after several bone biopsies ,and seemed to strugle. But through his religion some how got the strengh to go back to work even after chemo. He would have to go for a daily walk just to try and keep fit. In the 4 years he sirvived with his cancer. He tried several new drugs and treatment so he could help other sufferers. Even up to night before he died he was still climbing the stairs to bed on his own. He had lost 1 1/2 ft in height and only weighted 6 stone. I have never known someone with so much courage and strength to carry on day by day with so much pain. This is why Mum, my daughters Kaylea ,Megan and myself ran race for life. Debbie

My dear friend Lyn

I did the race for life today in Oxford, for my dear dear friend Lyn, who passed away last summer. She told me I was her bright light, but she was mine. I am honoured to have had her in my life. Cancer is a horrible thing, and I fought back the tears today as I read everyones signs. I hate cancer so much. I have lost so many people to it. Which is why I did this today, and why I am raising money for Cancer Research. I hope that one day we will not have to research this anymore, because there will be a cure for it all.
I did today for Lyn, and I think she would have been proud.
I Love you Lyn, Britta, Eva, Jean-Marc, and Fiona xxxx

Liv Holt

I have just taken part in my first Race for Life in Oxford today.  I ran in memory of my Daddy who died almost 3 years ago and also for my Granny who died a year ago on 14th June.  I did it with my best friend Kalya and her Mum.  I really enjoyed the experience and will be back again next year to raise more money!! Good luck to everyone else who races.