Barbeque school opens

25 February 2010, 07:14 | Updated: 25 February 2010, 08:39

The UK's first barbeque cookery school's opened in Oxfordshire.

Among things pupils at The Grill Academy at Marsh Baldon near Abingdon will be taught is how to avoid burning burgers and sausages.

Head tutor Mark Drummond has been telling Heart you can barbeque lots more than just burgers and sausages.

He said: "We do pizzas.  People don't recognise that pizzas can be done on a barbeque and for me, when I've got my children and their friends round, they love building their own pizzas and doing that on the barbeque.

"The biggest mistake people make is that they just cook on a far too high heat.  Ninety per cent of what you want to cook you actually just want a medium heat and the high heat should just be used for steaks."

The first cookery courses for the general public will start in August 2010.  Until then, the Grill Academy will concentrate on training up people who sell barbeque equipment.

Listen to our interview with head tutor Mark Drummond