Barton Kids Design Their Own Playground

Young people in Barton are being asked for their input on an £800,000 adventure playground, due to be built next Spring.

The playground's architect will be at the design event, listening to ideas and putting them into practise with the children using 3D models.
Oxfordshire County and Oxford City Councils have come together on the project which will be split into two sections: an indoor play centre supervised by adults and an outdoor park environment.
Howie Watkins, the county council's Play Pathfinder Manager, said: "It's incredibly exciting. This playground will improve habitat for wildlife, boost the general amenity and aesthetics of the whole locality and allow children to really take back control of their own play across a wide area."
The design event is expected to be a hands-on experience for the families attending.
"We want to find out more from the local children and young people of Barton what it is they like doing and where they're currently going." said Mr Watkins.
"We'd also like to show them some of the possibilities and get them involved in the design of the site."
"There's going to be gravel and sand and mud and wood and bricks - and we're going to build some big 3D models of what we could construct."
The event takes place on Saturday 20th February, between 11am and 4pm at the Play Shop on Underhill Circus in Barton.