Camilla visits Thames Valley

Camilla was shown around the latest facilities at Flint House Police Rehabilitation Centre in Goring-on-Thames.

The Duchess was introduced to officers who are receiving treatment before attending a reception for staff, trustees and supporters of the Police Rehabilitation Trust, which has the Queen as patron. She also viewed the centre's physiotherapy clinic, hydrotherapy pool, and Jacuzzi and patients taking part in classes.Camilla visists the Thames Valley

The Prince of Wales paid a similar visit in 2008, having opened improved accommodation facilities there in 1995.

More than 50,000 police officers have been to Flint House since it was originally opened by the Queen Mother in 1988, and more than 3,000 officers are treated there every year.

It receives no support from public funds, and running costs are met from the voluntary contributions of serving officers in the police forces which it serves.

Earlier in the day (22nd February), the Duchess toured the Women's Institute (WI) educational headquarters, at Marcham in Oxfordshire, spending time at the WI Cookery and Craft Schools.