Extra patrols to cut robberies

Police say extra patrols are going to be carried out in the Blackbird Leys area of Oxford this summer to try and cut down on robberies.

It's because there's normally a surge in them in the area during June, July and August.

A campaign titled Operation Buzzard is beginning, which police say will increase the number of police officers seen on streets in the Blackbird Leys area.  Police horses will also be used to try and deter potential thieves.

Postcards are going to be handed out to foreign students arriving in the area, showing bus stops and providing advice on how they can stay safe during their stay in Oxford.

Police are also giving out the following advice, to help make sure you don't become a victim:

  • Keep your mobile phone out of sight as much as possible
  • Keep your wallet out of sight
  • Make sure your bag/rucksack is closed, zipped and buckled. If someone grabs it, let it go. Bags and their contents can be easily replaced.
  • Stay with your friends
  • Don’t walk alone through parks at night, stay on the main roads

Watch Inspector Andy Storry talking about the police operation