Horses need new homes

8 June 2010, 12:26 | Updated: 9 June 2010, 06:57

Two years after they were found dying on a Buckinghamshire farm, the RSPCA are looking for homes for 17 horses they've nursed back to health.

They were among more than a hundred horses, ponies and donkeys that inspectors from Oxford found dead or dying in appalling conditions at Spindle Farm near Amersham.

Many of the animals had little food, were crammed into pens or left to die.  The RSPCA describe what they found as Britain's worst ever case of animal cruelty.

Since they were rescued in January 2008, the horses have been lovingly cared for by the RSPCA, Redwings Horse Sanctuary, World Horse Welfare and The Horse Trust.

"It's been a slow process," Claudia Corner from the RSPCA told Sky News. "We've had to win back the animals' trust and they've needed very slow and gentle handling. It was the worst and biggest case we've ever seen."

Sally Learoyd from the charity said: "These horses have been through a terrible ordeal and we need to find extra special permanent homes for them.

"We're looking for patient, experienced owners who have the facilities, time, knowledge and money needed to care for the horses for the rest of their lives.

"These horses are mostly youngsters, so potential adopters will need to be able to offer a long-term commitment."

Keeping a horse for its lifetime costs around £7,000.

Horse trader James Gray, 46, from Amersham was jailed in May 2010 for causing unnecessary suffering.

See pictures of the horses up for adoption