Size Does Matter

On the first day of London Fashion week, Heart has learned that three quarters of women in Oxfordshire don't believe larger ladies can dress fashionably.

New research shows that size does matter when it comes to the latest styles - even though a whopping 93% of those surveyed think plus-size women should be proud of their appearance and not be afraid of fashionable styles.
The apparent contradiction could be explained by the fact that almost half those questioned feel it's difficult to find larger-sized clothes in the latest fashions.  
Jenny Beavon, a clothing designer from Oxford said: "Even shopping on the high street can be difficult for many women because the designs are heavily influenced by fashion shows where the models are very tall and very slim".
"When those designer clothes are recreated for the high street, even though sizes can be altered, the overall look might not work for someone of an average or larger size".
"That said, everyone can look fashionable - it's just a matter of being selective. You just have to pick and choose elements of the current trend to make your own individual style".