Transport Secretary booed

The Transport Secretary's been booed on a visit to the part of the Thames Valley affected by plans to build a new 250mph train line.

Around a hundred campaigners jeered Phillip Hammond as he came to Brackley, Northamptonshire on Wednesday 22 September 2010 to talk to local MPs and other people concerned about the project.

The coalition government want work on the new London to Birmingham route to start as early as 2015.  Trains could be running on the line by 2026, but there would be no stations between London and Birmingham.

The high speed line will pass through Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire, running close to places like Aylesbury and Brackley.

The government say High Speed Two is needed to discourage us from flying.  A compensation scheme has opened to help people who now can't sell their homes, because of the High Speed Rail plans.

Watch video of Phillip Hammond being booed in Brackley