Vodafone job cuts

9 March 2010, 13:21 | Updated: 9 March 2010, 13:49

Mobile phone company Vodafone are going to cut jobs at their Banbury call centre.

It's part of plans to save £1bn, which involve 375 job losses across the firm's UK sites, including their headquarters in Newbury, Berkshire.

The company won't release specific details of how many jobs will be lost at their customer contact centre at Adderbury near Banbury.

Vodafone say the roles affected will mainly be in 'back office functions'. They say there are likely to be more changes and cuts in future.

The firm is also hiring 170 new staff to work in new areas of the business.  They will choose 50 graduates to start in September.  The company say staff working in positions that are cut are unlikely to be redeployed in the new positions because those jobs will require new skills.  They say they will try to do that wherever possible.

Matthew Brearley, HR Director for Vodafone UK, has told Heart they will try to minimise redundancies: "Where we have to make reductions we will always look to make them by not replacing roles when people leave.

"People leave for all sorts of reasons, from retiring, to moving onto different roles in their careers to moving house.  We will take those opportunities wherever we can do."

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