The vuvuzela seller

A Brackley businessman's doing a roaring trade in the plastic trumpets that have been causing that buzzing sound at the World Cup matches.

Some people have complained they're making it hard to hear anything else that's going on.

But they could be coming to a town, a football stadium or even a street near you too!  Businessman David Broughton from Westbury is importing tens of thousands of them and is hoping to capitalise on World Cup fever.

Normally his company deals with electrical goods, but he's told Heart at the moment it's all about the vuvuzelas:  "During our busy times we're selling about one a minute.  Sainsbury's called us yesterday - they're needing another fifty thousand, also Clinton Cards."

David doesn't think the noise vuvuzelas make is all that bad: "Somebody said to me it's like driving a motorbike with a helmet full of wasps, which is quite intriguing.  I see it slightly different to that.  I think if you've got wasps buzzing around you it's ok.  So if you've got three thousand fans, like some of the games we've been too, it's a really welcome addition to the game."

Prince William had a go at trying to play a vuvuzela during a trip to Botswana on Wednesday 16 June, but he wasn't able to get it to make a sound.  He was outperformed by an 11 year old schoolboy who was more experienced at doing it.