Young Archaeologists At Westgate

The archaeologists of the future here in the Thames Valley get the chance to test out their skills tonight.

There's a special event on at the Museum of Oxford called, 'Oxcavation'.

Youngsters and their families have to follow clues to identify a mysterious skeleton found during digs for the new Westgate Shopping Centre.

It's been entirely created and managed by the museum's Young Innovators, a group of volunteers aged 16 to 25.

David Juler, Oxford City Council museum development assistant, said:

"The Young Innovators always create original events.

"Their approach means that the Museum of Oxford can produce something exciting and new, but linked to what the museum is all about: telling the story of the city and its people."

Hanna Smyth, 24, one of the Young Innovators, said: "We really enjoy organising these events. The Museum of Oxford provides us with a great opportunity to work as a team, while also enhancing our heritage and communication skills.

"Our last event was geared at young adults like ourselves, so for Oxcavation we are very excited to engage with local families."