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Tuesday 27th April

For my 30th birthday Jo took me on a surprise weekend away! See where we went in my first vlog!

Thursday 28 January

Adam BallAn Evening of Boys Toys!

I had a brilliant evening at Formula Fast in Banbury - the whole Heart team met there at 7:30, I was a tad late as I had to finish my show then head down there. I got there around 7:45 to find my colleagues had named my team ironically “the losers” already.

The thing was, we were put in pairs and there was an odd number of us so I got paired up with 13 year old (go karting champion) Kyle Morby, which I was happy about!! I did the qualifying part which I didn’t do too badly in and I got us 4th on the grid which isn’t’ bad out of 7.

The race began and my team mate did the first 15 mins and got us into Pole position, then I did the 2nd 15 mins and we eventually slipped back to 2nd (still pretty good)

We had 10 minutes left and it was a race against time with 13 seconds between us and the leader, I thought this is something Kyle should have a go at so we swapped over for the last part of the race,

With 2 minutes to spare we flew past the chequered flag and came first!!!! much to the dismay of my work mates, I was called a cheat? Told I didn’t win? Accused of letting Kyle do most of it?

I think you can gather the people I work with are sore losers, it was down to team tactics, sticking to the rules and talent that won my team the race.. So THERE!!! :o)

Friday 15 January 2010


So my fiancée; Jo, and I sat down to watch Eastenders last night, as we do every night it’s on (I do feel old saying that) and then what an Ending! It was Archie’s reading of the Will after his murder at Christmas, and then it ended with... "Archie has left £3m the Vic and other bits to... Dum dum dum DUDUDUM"

Now I am all for guessing at things when watching a film or a soap as you never know if you are right or not BUT my other half guesses all the time and it ALWAYS right. She knows this annoys me, which is why this morning she just had to text me and say who she thought the money was left to.

(I warn you she is usually right so do not read on if you don’t want a spoiler) Her text was as follows “I woke up this morning and the first thing I thought of was who I think Archie left the money to I think it’s Stacey.. forgot to tell you! x”


Monday 4 January 2010

Christmas Eve with a difference

So it was about 8pm on Christmas Eve and I popped to the new M+S in Didcot near the A34 to grab some bits and pieces as I did NOT want to risk a supermarket so close to Christmas…

So I was in the queue with my Bucks fizz and shepherds pie and I looked up and saw the back of someone’s head, it wasn’t anyone’s head it was one that I recognised in a big way but I couldn’t put my finger on who it was.

I shuffled closer with the intent on hearing his voice hoping this would solve the mystery but still no luck, he handed over a crisp note to the cashier to pay for his fuel then turned to face me, I was right, it was someone VERY famous, in fact some would say the future Prime minister.

I was in the queue, in Didcot M+S behind DAVID CAMERON!! (The funny part was that nobody behind the till knew who he was and I looked like a GEEK!)

Merry new year :oD


Thursday 17 December 2009


I have been moaned at, wined at, and begged at by my Fiancée recently, we have both grown up in families with dogs and this is what she really wanted to get, I eventually gave in and we got little Alfie, a West highland on Sunday.

He is so cute and very clever already, he loves running around the living room carrying a long sheet of toilet roll (I think he fancies himself as an Andrex puppy) and is slowly reducing the amount of special little parcels that he leaves for us.

I spent half an hour laughing at him this morning while he saw himself in the patio door window, and thought there was another dog in his house, he let out a squeaky bark and then a high pitched growl… you gotta love him! :o)

Thursday 25 June

Wedding planning from HELL!

Well as you may know I got down on one knee and asked my beautiful girlfriend to be my wife, she said yes!

So, now the planning starts, Jo and I had an engagement party last weekend and THAT took enough planning in itself so god knows what the wedding will bring, we’ve looked at venues and we know the church we are marrying in, I just cant get over how many guests you end up having to invite to the meal… and how expensive? I heard a lot of people are doing a lot of their own things to save money these days, like invites and flowers and EVEN getting people to bring their own food?? Can I get away with that or would that be rude? I know when I go to a wedding I expect the food for free if nothing else!!! Any tips gratefully appreciated!! :o)

Monday 11 May

"So it took a month in the planning and finally Friday evening I did the deed.

I took my beautiful girlfriend Jo out for a romantic meal in Mapledurham, with my mind on other things I am sure I seemed a litte distant that evening as I ordered food that I would never dream of ordering normally.
The meal ended up being lovely and so as the waitress came over to ask if we would like a sweet, I found myself trying to buy time for the moment to be perfect, Jo doesnt like sweet things so I was trying to get her to have a cup of tea or another drink or anything maybe another starter? hehe!
That didnt work so I had to ask for the Bill, I had planned in my head in that short space of time that it had to be done outside now, this was ok as it was a lovely evening the sun was just setting and there was a lovely bit of grass under a big oak tree where I knew I would pop the question.
As we got outside I suggested to Jo we go for a walk over by the tree with the camera at which I got " What in these heels are you joking?" I did manage to persuade her in the end there was no going back now.
We got over to the grass and the tree and I took a lovely photo of Jo by a gate under the tree (this will be on my Face book soon) she then took one of me and then, as she started to walk back to the car I grabbed her, launched myself to the ground like there was an air raid and looked up holding the box with Jo's ring in.. she didn't actually say yes.. she said "of course I will" :o)