An evening of boys' toys!

Thursday 28 January

I had a brilliant evening at Formula Fast in Banbury - the whole Heart team met there at 7:30, I was a tad late as I had to finish my show then head down there. I got there around 7:45 to find my colleagues had named my team ironically “the losers” already.

The thing was, we were put in pairs and there was an odd number of us so I got paired up with 13 year old (go karting champion) Kyle Morby, which I was happy about!! I did the qualifying part which I didn’t do too badly in and I got us 4th on the grid which isn’t’ bad out of 7.

The race began and my team mate did the first 15 mins and got us into Pole position, then I did the 2nd 15 mins and we eventually slipped back to 2nd (still pretty good)

We had 10 minutes left and it was a race against time with 13 seconds between us and the leader, I thought this is something Kyle should have a go at so we swapped over for the last part of the race,

With 2 minutes to spare we flew past the chequered flag and came first!!!! much to the dismay of my work mates, I was called a cheat? Told I didn’t win? Accused of letting Kyle do most of it?

I think you can gather the people I work with are sore losers, it was down to team tactics, sticking to the rules and talent that won my team the race.. So THERE!!! :o)