Bourne: Recycling Plant Fire

4 October 2012, 16:12 | Updated: 4 October 2012, 16:19

A fire at a recycling plant near Bourne is going to be extinguished almost three weeks after it broke out.

The fire at BW Riddle has been burning since breaking out accidentally on Friday 14th September.

It has been smouldering since then because of the nature of the materials the fire is made up of, such as plastics and metals.

After talks between Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service, the Environment Agency, the company that owns the site and health and safety advisors, the decision has been taken to extinguish the fire rather than let it burn out over the next few weeks.

According to Lincolnshire County Council, this is likely to lead to an increase in smoke coming from the area.

The smoke is not believed to be toxic, but people living near the site are being advised to keep doors and windows closed.

A statement from the council reads: "Because of these actions over the next few days there is likely to be an increase in the amount of smoke coming from the site, which may affect local residents and companies in the surrounding area.

People in affected premises within the smoke’s passage should keep doors and windows closed.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue along with partners at the Environment Agency apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to local residents and businesses. We are all working together to resolve the situation as safely and quickly as possible."