Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

16 November 2010, 06:00

A woman from Peterborough wants all homes to be fitted with a Carbon Monoxide alarm, after her boyfriend was killed from breathing in the poisonous gas.

Vikki Courtman's boyfriend, Bob Schenker, died in his sleep after breathing in the gas, which had leaked from faulty heating equipment.

A builder who worked on his home had blocked the chimney flue, which meant the poisonous gas couldn't escape from the house.

This meant the Carbon Monoxide built up in Bob's house and he was poisoned in his bed.

Now, Vikki is part of a group called the CO Angels.

Along with two other women who have lost their partners in similar circumstances, they are working together to raise awareness of what they are calling a "silent killer".

Carbon Monoxide is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas which is highly poisonous.

It can come from appliances in most homes, like boilers, gas ovens or anything else that burns fossil fuels, which aren't fitted correctly or working properly.

The CO Angels want every home to be fitted with an alarm that rings when it detects the gas, similar to a smoke alarm.

Vikki said: "Bob's death resulted in a mother losing her son, a man losing his brother, un unborn baby never knowing her funny, witty and kind uncle and me losing my dreams.

This could have been prevented if Bob simply had an audible CO alarm inside his house."

Click here to visit the CO Angels website and find out more about their campaign.