Charity to Run Peterborough's Culture

After this week, The Key Theatre, Peterborough Museum, the libraries and the sports grounds will no longer be run by the City Council.

As Heart told you a few weeks ago, a Culture and Leisure Trust has been set up to take over, and this week, it all becomes official.

It'll be called "Vivacity" and say big changes will be coming, including giving US the power to request anything from ballet, to the Arctic Monkeys.

The plans for the change have been in place for some time but with big cuts expected to all public services in the next year it may have saved some places from closure.

Sheila Smith is the chairman and told Heart that being an arts charity, and free from the red tape of the local council means they can apply for many new types of grants and can act much more quickly when things go wrong.

They've also promised to keep on all 300 staff that will be transferred to them during the move, describing them as their "best asset."

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