Dodgy Wisbech Limousines

13 July 2010, 06:00

More than half the stretched limousines checked by Police in Wisbech recently were not fit to be on the road.

Officers and representatives from VOSA, the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, carried out checks on 16 of the cars during a day of action on the 2nd of July.

Eight defects, including defective brakes, faulty suspension and a petrol leak were uncovered.

Two immediate prohibition orders were issued, which meant the two cars could not be moved from the spot until the problems were fixed.

Four other drivers were given 28 days to fix their cars.

One driver was fined for driving too long without a break, and two others were fined for having no MOT.

Inspector Chris Skepper said: "It is disappointing to find that almost half the vehicles we stopped were committing a road traffic offence relating to the safety of the passengers.

These vehicles were carrying children and have a legal and moral obligation to ensure their safety.

Vehicles with no MOT or a defect are much more likely to be involved in a collision and these drivers were risking their safety, the safety of their passengers and that of other road users."