Election Results Around Peterborough

The whole area has stayed Conservative but here are the detailed results for each of the 5 seats around Peterborough....

Peterborough - Conservative Hold - 4861 majority

Stewart Jackson - 18,133

Mr Jackson first won the seat from Labour in 2005. Previously he held a 2730 majority. After the win he paid tribute to his wife as his biggest supporter as well as thanking local party supporters, election officials and police.

Ed Murphy (LAB) - 13,272

Nick Sandford (LD) - 8,816

Frances Fox (UKIP) - 3,007

Rob King (Eng Dem) - 770

Fiona Radic (Green) - 523

Jon Swallow (Ind) - 406


North West Cambridgeshire - Conservative Hold - 16,667 majority

Shailesh Vara on stage after the result

Shailesh Vara - 29,425

Mr Vara has been in the seat since 2005, previously his majority was 9,833. After the win he thanked supporters and officials, and promised that no matter who did or didn't vote for him, he would work hard to represent the interests of his constituents.

Kevin Wilkins (LD) - 12,748

Chris York (Lab) - 9,877

Labour's vote in 2005 was 12,671.

Robert Brown (UKIP) - 4,826

Mr Brown has made significant progress since he stood in 2005, gaining 2,685 votes at the time.

Stephen Goldspink (Eng Dem) - 1,407



North East Cambridgeshire - Conservative Hold - 16,425

Stephen Barclay - 26,862

Mr Barklay takes over from Malcom Moss who has stood down as MP at the age of 65 after being in the seat since 1987. He has increased the Conservative majority from 8,901 in 2005.

Lorna Spenceley (LD) - 10,437

In 2005, the Lib Dems came 3rd with 8,693.

Peter Roberts (Lab) - 9,274

Labour have lost a lot of ground this time round. In 2005 they came 2nd with 15,280.

Robin Talbot (UKIP) - 2,991

Susan Clapp (BNP) - 1,747

Debra Jordan (Ind) - 566

Graham Murphy (Eng Dem) - 387


South Holland and the Deepings - Conservative Hold - 21,880 majority

John Hayes - 29,639

Mr Hayes has held the seat since 1997, and his majority has increased from 15,780 in 2005.

Jennifer Conroy (LD) - 7,759

Gareth Gould (Lab) - 7,024

Labour's popularity has decreased in South Holland. In 2005 they placed second with 11,764 votes.

Richard Fairman (UKIP) - 3,246

UKIP have made gains here, at the previous election they got 1,950.

Roy Harban (BNP) - 1,796

Ashley Baxter (Green) - 724


Grantham and Stanford - Conservative Hold - 14,826 majority

Nicholas Boles - 26,552

Mr Boles takes over from Quentin Davies who was voted in as a Tory in 1997 but controversially crossed the floor and joined the Labour Party in 2007 after David Cameron was voted in as party leader. He became active in Labour's defence procurement programme - supplying soldiers with things like body armour and helicopters. he fell from favour with voters after claiming £20,000 of taxpayers money on expensive to fix the roof of his BELL TOWER, and following this, decided to step down. Mr Boles has increased the Conservative majority from 7,445 in 2005.

Harrish Bisnauthsing (LD) - 11,726

The Lib Dems have done much better this time - They came 3rd with 7,838 in 2005.

Mark Bartlett (Lab) - 9,503

Labour have lost thousands of voters in this election and dropped a place in the rankings. In 2005 they had 14,664 votes.

Christopher Robinson (BNP) - 2,485

Tony Wells (UKIP) - 1,604

Mark Horn (Lincs Inds) - 929