Man Guilty Of Murdering Housemate

28 June 2011, 16:13 | Updated: 28 June 2011, 16:20

A man from Wisbech has been found guilty of murdering his housemate.

22 year old Tomas Krasnovas [pictured - right] attacked 36 year old in Holmes Park in Wisbech on Saturday 27th December last year.

The Police account of the murder is as follows:

It was the culmination of an argument that had broken out earlier in the day at the house they shared with other Lithuanian nationals in Cocketts Drive.

Krasnovas attacked Erikas, strangled him and knocked him to the ground before kicking, stamping and jumping on his head.

Krasnovas and another housemate, Romualdas Celiesius, 27, who witnessed the attack, continued to the 5 Star Premier shop in Norwich Road where they bought alcohol and returned home.

The victim’s body was found by two men walking in the area at just after 9pm.

They only became aware of the body as they drew near as the area was unlit and there was a light covering of snow on the ground.

The men called police and a cordon was put up around the scene.

A post mortem examination carried out by Dr Nat Cary concluded the victim had suffered two fractured ribs and had extensive bruising to the left side of his face and head, as well as various further injuries to his head.

The examination suggested death could have been caused by a restricted airway, head injury and potentially in conjunction with hypothermia.

The victim had no identification on him but police inquiries revealed his identity and he was discovered to live at the house in Cocketts Drive with eight other Lithuanian nationals.

Erikas shared a room at the property with Krasnovas and Mr Celiesius.

Krasnovas and Mr Celiesius were arrested on suspicion of murder on December 3.

The former answered "no comment" to questions and was charged with murder.

However, Mr Celiesius described how he, Krasnovas and the victim had been drinking on the day of the murder and had been going to get more alcohol when the attack took place.

Celiesius was later released with no further action taken.

Krasnovas pleaded not guilty to murder.

Today, following a three week trial, Krasnovas was found guilty at Cambridge Crown Court.

He is due to be sentenced on Friday.

Detective Chief Inspector Jim McCrorie, who led the inquiry, said: "Krasnovas had been drinking with the victim, his roommate, and an argument had broken out.

However, the violence he used to settle the matter was truly horrific. It was a sustained attack which, according to a witness, he later claimed would have been too much for anyone to survive.

I hope this result today allows Erikas’s family and friends to begin to come to terms with their grief, knowing that justice has been done."