Meet the candidates to be your next MP

Now that nominations have officially closed, Peterborough's parliamentary candidates have been telling Heart what they would do if they win the election on May 6...

Current MP Stewart Jackson is standing for the Conservatives, Ed Murphy for Labour, and Nick Sandford for the Liberal Democrats.

Stewart Jackson took over from Labour's Helen Clark at the last election in 2005 with a majority of 2,740 votes. Ms Clark was elected in 1997 - previously the seat has been predominantly Tory.

We've been asking the three main candidates about a range of issues, from the economy to the environment, the expenses scandal, immigration and why they're standing for the job - not to mention their tastes in music....

You can listen to five minute interviews by clicking on the links below.

Peterborough Conservative Candidate Listen to Stewart Jackson (Conservative) speaking to Heart reporter Emily Bull.

He says the economy is key to his campaign: "The main priority is getting the economy going and getting more jobs in Peterborough. We've sustained a big number of job losses over the past two or three years...We need to build on the fact that we're an environment city. We've got far too many young people not in education, employment or training."


Peterborough Labour Candidate Listen to Ed Murphy (Labour) speaking to Heart reporter Amanda Akass.

He says he wants to represent everyone in the city: "My main priorities for Peterborough would be to ensure that we do something to protect decent local jobs, to regenerate Peterborough, and to make sure that there is adequate housing for Peterborough folk...I'd bring honesty and integrity to the role, representing all the people of Peterborough irrespective of party politics."


Peterborough's Liberal Democrat Candidate Listen to Nick Sandford (Liberal Democrat) speaking to Heart reporter Amanda Akass.

He says environmental policy is very important to him: "We think Peterborough needs to take seriously it's aspiration to become environment capital of the country. We need investment in the green economy and in green jobs. But we also need not to be signing up to crazy housing targets and selling off open spaces to pay for it."


There are four other candidates for the seat:

Frances Fox - UKIP

Rob King - English Democrats

Fiona Radic - Green

John Swallow - Independent

The BNP tried to nominate a candidate, Dave Strickson, but his candidacy was ruled to be 'invalid' because the details of the people who signed the paper were 'not as required by law'.

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