More Roadworks Around Eye

A roundabout on the A1139 near Eye is being upgraded from today with works expected to last around 40 weeks But it should be the LAST set of major roadworks in the area for several years according to the man in charge.

Junction 8 where the A1139 Frank Perkins Parkway meets the Paston Parkway and Eye Road, will be widened, with traffic signals and pedestrian crossings being put in place.

Measures will be put in place to manage the traffic flow including a reduced number of lanes and temporary traffic lights. The road will also be closed overnight and at weekends occasionally.

Stewart Mounfield is the Infrastructure Delivery team Manager at the city council and told Heart "We've been fairly lucky in getting grant money from central government for this, but unfortunately this means we've got to do the work now. We're fairly confident we can minimise disruption so we shouldn't have too many people sitting in hot cars this summer."

He also said that although local residents may be sick of disruption, there is an upside.

"That is liable to be it in that area for some years to come. I can't guarantee, as if developers come along with a project and need to add a junction, then they will. But as far as upgrading the major infrastructure, that will be it."

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