More Theo CCTV Images

24 February 2011, 14:27 | Updated: 7 March 2011, 17:20

Police have released more CCTV images of missing Peterborough teenager Theo Kawala.

The 16 year old has been missing for almost a week, since last Friday night at around midnight.

He was last seen in Peterborough City Centre, and police are trying to find out where he went after the CCTV images [pictured] were taken.

Theo is white, slim, 6'1" with dark brown short hair. He was wearing blue jeans, a black shiny jacket, red and white check shirt and black trainers.

Theo Kawala CCTV

Theo Kawala CCTV

Inspector Mat Newman said: "I hope these CCTV images will prompt someone to come forward and tell us they saw Theo after the time he is seen in Lower Bridge Street.

Two of the images show him in Westgate and the final image is near Multi York in Lower Bridge Street. Anyone who was in the city centre that night should consider whether they saw Theo because they could have information vital to this inquiry."

Theo walked along Broadway and then Westgate, before walking through the bus station and along Bourges Boulevard.

He then crossed Bourges Boulevard at the pelican crossing near the old Woolworths building and walked into Lower Bridge Street.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 0345 456 456 4.