New Charity to run Libraries and Theatre.

Peterborough City Council will no longer run the Key Theatre, Museum, Libraries or sports facilities in the city. Instead, they've created a charity to take over instead.

The Peterborough Culture and Leisure Trust will run independently and find funding to carry on with services, saving them from any possible financial cut backs by local government in the future.

The city council will give the trust a one off £4.51 million grant to get going but after that, they'll be in their own.

Around 300 staff will move over when it all changes in May.

Sheila Smith who'll be in charge told Heart: "We want to improve and enhance services, and we want more people to get involved with them."

120 other local councils have already tried this type of set up and Sheila said they've been watching how that went with interest.

"A lot of research has gone into this and many visits to other places that are already doing it. You can see in those places that they've been able to deliver better services."


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