Peterborough: A City In Debt - Advice For The New Year

28 December 2012, 07:12 | Updated: 28 December 2012, 07:20

A charity which helps people with money problems says there are still too many in Peterborough getting into serious debt.

Step Change helped more than 800 people in Peterborough in the first half of this year and are worried that number could top more than a 1000 by the end of the year.

Ed Ware from the charity told Heart: "We're still seeing the same number of people coming to us for debt advice - so it suggests to us people are getting into trouble with even lower levels of debt than they were being before, so that's quite a concerning thing."

The charity says it's clients in the city have, on average, racked up debts of just under £19,000.

Mr Ware says Christmas is often a tough time: "These extra expenditures at this time of year can push people over the edge - and we sadly see quite a big spike in the numbers of people coming to us in January and February as those debts catch up with people in this post Christmas period."

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