Peterborough: Dirty Dancing During Ops

Some patients at Peterborough City Hospital are being allowed to watch films and TV programmes during certain operations, to help them relax.

The idea is mainly for older patients, who aren't being put to sleep under anaesthetic because they may react badly to it.

According to the hospital, the current most popular choice is 80s Patrick Swayze hit Dirty Dancing.

Doctor Richard Griffiths said: "Patients really relax when they are watching their favourite films. 

Some have told us the TV can be so captivating that they are unaware that the operation has finished. 

One patient watched the Sound of Music while undergoing a hip operation while another recently had a knee revision operation while watching the nature documentary series The Blue Planet. 

But the most popular movie at the moment, particularly among our older female patients, is Dirty Dancing!" 

According to the hospital, patients wear noise-reducing headphones during surgery so that any noise associated with their operation is drowned out by the programme they are watching. 

Doctor Griffiths added: "I am pleased that this idea is proving popular with patients as it means we can reduce the number of general anaesthetics given to older patients. 

It is more common for this group of patients to experience unpleasant side effects coming round afterwards. 

If they are happy to be awake and watch the TV, I am happy that they are going to have a better experience."