Peterborough: Drugs Programme Success

4 October 2012, 06:00 | Updated: 4 October 2012, 12:16

Heart's found out around 300 people have asked for helped from a drugs treatment service since it opened in Peterborough nine months ago.

Aspire is a series of measures for people who've become so dependent on drugs, they can't function properly without them. 

Safer Peterborough manager Karen Kibblewhite says she's most proud of the people who've been through Aspire programme that she meets out and about or bumps into in the street, and are making a life for themselves, free of drugs. 

Karen says: "I'm delighted when I speak to them and they've told me that months on after leaving Aspire, they've had renewed contact with their family and with their children. 

They tell me how they've moved onto  training programmes and how they're now looking at employment opportunities - many of the things they wouldn't have been able to do - or would have found very difficult to do, whilst still taking drugs."

Nearly 100 clients have now succesfully completed the course, breaking free of drug dependency and changing their behaviour. 

Kare Kibblewhite also explains why they've now introduced fitness and relaxation skills as part of the programme: "It's really important if you've been a chaotic drugs user, you probably haven't been looking after yourself physically so it's very important to get your fitness back up, and learn how to relax without having a reliance on drugs."

The aim of Aspire is to reduce offending, improve social functioning, as well as address drug use. 

Over 90% of these remain in treatment for over 12 weeks.

This is the period that research indicates is most likely to result in successful treatment i.e. becoming drug free

The longer a client remains "in programme" the greater chance the client will drop out, or will be in danger of slipping back into their old habits.

There has been an increase of volunteers and peer mentors with ex-clients or clients towards the end of their treatment, who work with others to show that recovery from drug use is possible. 

Aspire uses various methods to help drug users break free from harmful patterns of behaviour by helping them to build their life skills.

This has a measurable impact on both health and community safety issues. 

These initiatives include: 

  • Cookery lessons
  • IT skills
  • Outdoor fitness
  • A new breakfast club to ensure a healthy start to the day
  • New fitness and relaxation sessions 

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