Peterborough: Men Hurt In BBQ Fire

28 May 2012, 12:18 | Updated: 28 May 2012, 12:28

Two men have suffered severe burns after pouring petrol onto a barbecue in a village near Peterborough.

Fire crews were called to Pingle Lane in Northborough at 5:30pm yesterday (Sunday).

Petrol had been poured onto a barbecue which had resulted in an explosion that set fire to a nearby fence, badly injuring two men.

The men were taken to hospital for treatment for severe burns.

It follows a similar incident on Friday evening at 6:30pm in Primrose Lane in Waterbeach.

Firefighters were called to a gas barbecue explosion that damaged the outside of a house, although nobody was hurt.

Cambridgeshire's fire crews also had to deal with a third fire involving a barbecue over the weekend.

Firefighters were called to Glebe Road in Cambridge at 5:40pm on Sunday.

Tony Fitzjohn, Watch Manager for Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “Enjoying barbecued food in the summer weather can be very enjoyable, but it also has risks if you don’t follow the basics in barbecue safety.

Never ever pour accelerants on a coal bonfire and if you are using a gas barbecue for the first time in the season we would urge residents to use a new gas cylinder at the start of barbecue season, and not one left over from last year which could have become damaged over the winter months.

It is also a good idea to check the gas cylinder connections and pipe work for leaks by brushing soapy water all around the joints and watching for the bubbles if a leaky joint is found.

If the warm weather continues people will be enjoying a lot more barbecues, so we hope this acts as a timely reminder to be responsible.

It's very easy to enjoy the hot weather without putting yourself at risk, and we are asking residents to follow some simple advice when they are barbecuing."

Further barbecue safety advice from Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service.

  • Ensure that your barbecue is placed on level ground where it will not tip over, and is sited away from sheds, fences, overhanging foliage and the house
  • Avoid positioning the barbecue where people have to pass closely by it i Keep children and garden games well away from the cooking area and never leave the barbecue unattended
  • When cooking is finished ensure that the barbecue is quite cool before attempting to move it
  • Use a proprietary firelighter or starter fuel - NOT PETROL - and use the minimum necessary to start the fire
  • Empty the spent ash onto bare garden soil - never put it in the dustbin.