Peterborough Road Covered In Graffiti

28 July 2010, 11:12 | Updated: 28 July 2010, 11:18

A Peterborough road has been covered from top to bottom in graffiti in just one night.

Lamp posts, road signs, bollards and walls were all sprayed in Oundle Road, between the Gordon Arms pub and the Wistow Way roundabout on Friday night.

Police believe around 40 red tags, spelling "Geko", "Gekoe" or "Booze" were sprayed along the road.

The damage has now been cleaned off, but the tags have been added to the police graffiti database.

PCSO Matt Lauch said: "This type of vandalism not only makes the city look bad but it also takes time and money to clear up.

We are keen to catch the person responsible and would urge anyone with information to contact police."