Praise For Peterborough

12 August 2011, 06:48 | Updated: 12 August 2011, 07:07

A top Cambridgeshire Police officer has praised communities in Peterborough following untrue online rumours of disorder.

Superintendent Paul Fullwood is the Deputy Divisional Commander of policing in Peterborough.

He told Heart "I've been really, really pleased with the support we've had, particularly in Peterborough.

People have been rejecting and challenging rumours online [about unrest].

They've been working with us to dispel these untrue rumours.

There are a very small minority of people who want to cause harm and want to scaremonger, but the vast majority of people have been very supportive and have looked to dispel rumours themselves."

Rest days remain cancelled for Cambridgeshire's officers and a number of support staff.

Superintendent Paul Fullwood talks to Heart's Tom Horn.

This has led to an extra 200 officers available to police the county.

Superintendent Fullwood added: "[These conditions] don't just impact on officers.

It impacts on their families, friends and children.

But morale is good, people want to do the job, we realise this is an exceptional demand on the Police Service and people are stepping up to the plate."