Revamp For Peterborough Shopping Areas

19 August 2011, 06:00

Plans to renovate two of Peterborough's busiest shopping areas have been drawn up.

The proposals include the Cowgate and Bright Street / Long Causeway areas.

Plans for the Cowgate area include:

  • Repaving work
  • Wider footpaths
  • A more pedestrian-friendly area
  • Improved trading and entertainment opportunities
  • Repairing and restoring historic buildings

The proposals for the Long Causeway / Bridge Street area are:

  • Improvements to seating, lighting and trees
  • Better pedestrian access

Peterborough Councillor Janet Goodwin, the city council's Cabinet Advisor to the Leader, said: "The work planned for Cowgate, King Street, Bridge Street and Long Causeway is the next step in creating a space where people will want to come into the city centre and spend time.

Peterborough Revamp

We have worked closely with local businesses to ensure they are aware of our plans and to give them a chance to feed into the proposals.

I hope that many of the city centre traders, as well as any other residents or groups that are interested, have taken the opportunity to let us know what they think."

The images above show what the Cowgate area could look like after the refurbishment.