Thurlby Torch Route

Day 47: Wednesday 4 July

The flame will arrive in Thurlby from Market Deeping.

At 0827, it will enter Thurlby via the A15 Peterborough Road.

It will then make a left turn onto High Street before turning right onto Northorpe Lane.

The torch will then be taken onto Northorpe, where the Thurlby section of the relay will end at the junction with the A15 Bourne Road.

Next stop: Bourne.

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Meet Thurlby's Torchbearers:

London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Paul Hunter
Age: 48
From: Norwich
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Bo Haywood
Age: 15
From: Lincoln
Nomination Story: "Bo is a delightful student at Lincoln Castle Academy. She single-handedly raised over £1000 for our One Water charity by doing a sponsored 40 mile run in one day! Bo works extremely hard in numerous areas across the school and she is an inspirational sports leader. Bo has made a difference to our school community through her involvement with the student enterprise council and the 2012 Committee with which she has been a member for two years. Bo has helped organise, plan and run sporting events within school both involving our students and also students from primary schools. Bo has also managed cake stalls, sweet stalls, hanging basket sales to name but a few! All to raise money for charity. Recently, thanks to Bo's efforts we have sponsored a snow leopard in Twycross Zoo and donated almost £300 to the Stroke Ward at Lincoln County hospital. Bo is quite simply an inspiration to everyone around her and she thoroughly deserves this moment to shine."
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Emma Fulwood
Age: 27
From: Stamford
Nomination Story: "(White Stuff) Emma Fulwood proves that if you spend a little time each day thinking of your charity, you will climb mountains She passionately supports her local community which has led her to take up a broad array of challenges including: running the london marathon, dressing up as a fairy, joining the charity's commitee, bucket shaking and endless baking. She even faced her fear of water by jumping in a river to support Stamford's raft team and is considering a sponsored bike ride across South America - fully embracing White Stuff's pursuit to 'make the world a little happier' Emma continually supports Anna's Hope, her local charity and she positively encourages others to assist this organisation's commendable efforts for senously ill children. Her caring, can do attitude and devoted contribution to the community is such that she sets an example to others and is considered to be a refreshing, inspirational mentor by many."
Natalie Spires Name: Natalie Spires
Age: 26
From: Stamford
Nomination Story: "Natalie Spires aka Nanna and Smiler. If youre looking for a passionate, dedicated, genuine, fun loving, caring individual that always thinks about others before herself as a torch bearer then look no further, you could not ask for a better role model than this exceptrional lady! This lady lives and breathes her job, we would have fallen apart many times, if it wasnt for her, nothing is ever to much hassle and she will always do everything she can to help you. Natalie co-founded a charity called Coopers for Cancer, the charity was set up after Natalie's sister lost her fight for Cancer at a young age, she wanted to be able to give something back to the people that had helped her sister so along with her mum they set up Coopers for Cancer, she spends many a weekend making cakes, packing peoples shopping bags, and other fund raising events to raise every penny she can. This local award winning avon rep always has a smile on her face, she brightens her customers faces when she delivers there order, I have never heard anyone say one negative word about her, she's infectious you can't help be smile when she is with you! On a personal note Natalie is a tower of strength for me, I'm currently going through a very difficult situation she is my rock, she helps me hold everything together both in and out of the office. I cannot think of a more deserving person than Natalie Spires."
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Rob May
Age: 14
From: Brigg
Nomination Story: "Robert loves all aspects of sport and is a leader within his school at motivating others to join in and try new sports aswell as playing and participating in all sports provided by his school and in his local area. He has been chosen by his school to represent them with the Youth Sport Trust in Lincolnshire to attend Young People Leading the Way Conference 2011, and have obtained funding to start a club on Tuesday evenings at school introducing new sports to the children at school. There are five children running this club, and they are responsible for organising it and finding new sports to introduce and motivate people. He is respected by teachers and his peers, and shows respect to all. He is a good freind to many especially his twin brother and they share many interests and compete with each other in a friendly way and motivate each other to acieve their goals."
Sarah O'Brien Name: Sarah O'Brien
Age: 31
From: Spalding
Nomination Story: Sarah runs for charity several times a year including the Great North Run this year and many Races for Life. She also gets involved in many other charity events with her friends and family. She is a teacher in a special secondary school for children with learning difficulties and goes far beyond the call of duty in her dedication to this challenging job. Sarah is a wonderful Local Hero and I know she would be very proud to be part of the Olympic Relay.
 London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Tracy Nicol
Age: 47
From: Spalding
Nomination Story: this lady would be a worthy carrier of the flame.she is a selfless person always putting others first.she cares for her disabled mother daily.she was a foster carer improving the lives of all she cared for.people have only got good things to say about her..we love the olympics and it would be a great honour to see tracy carry the torch.
 London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Will May
Age: 14
From: Brigg
Nomination Story: "William is a twin and the younger of the two. There has always been healthy competition between them, which has motivated william to acieve in sport. he is respected highly by his school for is input in sport and unfortunately lost out to his twin brother Robert, by a flick of a coin to represent the school at the Young People Leading the Way Confrence 2011 run by Top Link and Youth Sport Council. The school could only take one boy and girl from his year, although both of them share the role in school. He runs a club on a Tuesday evening after school to introduce new sports and motivate other children to attend and have fun. They obtained funding for this club and hope to introduce new things to people. William is well thought of with his teachers and peers, and also plays football in the community and cricket, and is respected by his freinds in these sports. William will have a go at any sport and will always do his best. He would be honoured to represent his school family and freinds in the olympic torch relay. When playing sport William is always happy whether he wins or looses, and is at his happiest when he is doing sport with his freinds."