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Tuesday 27th April

Date Nights?

Keeping the romance alive can be tricky…even for me and Mr Abby and we don’t even have kids -even though it might feel like it sometimes having him around (only joking darling, if you’re reading this!). Making time can be virtually impossible.

When I was younger I thought living with someone meant a life filled with romantic weekends away and spur of the moment dinner dates… How wrong I was!

I sometimes feel like we are zombies on auto pilot mode! What with work, the gym (Mr. Abby), football ( Mr. Abby), Playstation ( Mr. Abby- once again only joking darling!). We both have a chaotic time with our different commitments so when I heard about the film ‘Date Night’ I thought it would be a great idea to arrange one. So I booked a table at our favourite restaurant Fratelli’s in Castor. When I was getting ready I was so excited that I got butterflies just like I had on our 1st date… what a geek!

On the night Mr. Abby was of course banned from the bedroom as I want to get ready without him seeing me mid-flow with hair in rollers, no make-up, half my body fake tanned, and mis-matched undies! I even decided to wear the same perfume I wore when we first met, hoping the waft will take him back to the day we first met.

We had a fabulous time. We chatted and caught up on all the weeks shenanigans and laughed loads, which I know you won't find too hard to believe considering how much I giggle on the breakfast show! We had a great night and walked out hand in hand and had a smooch! Whoop Whoop!!

So date night No.1 was very successful and I would definitely recommend it. The balls in your court now Mr Abby and I look forward to the next one!!

Thursday 15th April

How important is a kiss goodbye???

Mr Abby left the house with giving me my usual kiss goodbye this morning!!!!!! Have too say it made me feel empty inside, looking out the window longingly as he got into his car waving goodbye.

Maybe this has come from my childhood my dad wouldn’t leave the house without giving me a bisoux ( kiss) goodbye, so I have now kind of come to expect it.
It left me feeling really grumpy , one might say slightly obsessive, and it put my mind in overdrive……does it mean im not a priority anymore… it because we are in that ‘just comfortable’ ( I hate it when people say that) part of our relationship. Or he just doesn’t fancy me in the mornings( maybe I need a morning make over..but too be honest I just can’t be bothered)……with my pj’s on, bed head that could rival Russell Brand and not being able to function without my morning cup of tea!!!!! (Oh Bridget would be proud) HELPPPP!!!!!!

My best friend Nat, got the brunt of this with my panicked phone call blurting it all out. HA ha ha she said bearing in mind I have known her since I was a mini me, ‘Chillax’… he was probably running late, or had things on his mind. It doesn’t mean any of the things you thought and no you don’t need to turn yourself into a cougar, perfect hair at all times full make up and in silky negligee whenever in his company. Go back to old care free Abs and bet it works…….

She was soo right and felt like a complete chump for thinking like that ha ha ha!!!! How irrational!!!!
Cant believe how much I missed my morning kiss… fella’s take note a morning kiss goes a long way and if you don’t want an over obsessive misses it’s a must!!!

Friday 19th February

John and Edward have asked for … sweets backstage on their tour!!!

Forget the beers, champers and diva demands… the twins are getting 10 kilos of fizzy worms and cola bottles – they want foam bananas too, for the after party in their dressing rooms. HA ha ha lol!!!

Could they get any more annoying?

If I were I huge celeb and I was asked what I wanted in my dressing room let me tell you it would be very different….as I sink off into my own little fantasy world……….

I would have…….

White Lilies
Fresh Grapefruit
Bottles if Champagne with straws hee hee such a child!!!!
Fruit platter that I might ask a gorgeous hunk to feed me ha ha!!!!!
Jo Malone Lime Blossom Candles
Humidifier…not sure what this is but Mariah asked for 26 of these when she came to film X-Factor…so I defiantly need one!!
Bottled Water at ROOM TEMP
And of course my own Personal Chef

……Come on every girl can dream!!!! Ha ha

And now back to reality with a bump as Kev asks me to make him another cup of tea….Oh the high life!!!!!

Thursday 4th February

Hey peeps!!!!

How many of these do you tick?…We did it on today's show and we found Mr Abby And Kev do the majority of these!!!


1. Dirty clothes dumped next to the washing basket
2. Toothpaste in the sink
3. Overflowing bins
4. Wee on the toilet seat
5. Marks in the toilet
6. Tissue left in pockets
7. Empty toilet roll holders
8. Toilet seat left up
9. Empty cartons left in the fridge
10. Wet towels on the bath room floor
11. Automated phone calls
12. Crumbs in the butter
13. Lack of time
14. Shoes lying in the hallway
15. Teabags left on the kitchen side
16. Washing up not done
17. Hairs in the bath
18. Muddy shoes
19. Lights left on
20. Curtains left closed
21. Dirty glasses and mugs in the bedrooms
22. Overflowing washing baskets
23. Crumbs on a newly vacuumed carpet
24. Lack of 'me time'
25. Shaving hair left in the sink
26. Not using a bread board to cut a loaf
27. Unmade beds
28. Bunched-up socks in the wash
29. What to cook for dinner
30. Dirty kitchen worktops
31. Narrow shopping aisles
32. Partners who don't get up when baby cries
33. Chewing gum on the carpet
34. Wearing shoes in the house
35. Low-waisted trousers
36. Shops without lifts or escalators
37. Teabags in the sink
38. Strangers commenting on why your child is crying
39. Other mums telling you how to raise your child
40. Heavy doors
41. Shops with steps at the front door
42. Squeezing the tooth paste tube from the middle not the end
43. Narrow door ways which don't fit pushchairs through
44. Nursery fees
45. Toys on the floor
46. Putting a glass down without a coaster
47. Strangers touching and cooing over your child
48. Skinny jeans
49. Wonky rug
50. School paperwork

Some of you guys got involved and texted us saying:

  • "I'd have thought the thing that annoyed mum's the most would be kids lol 53 of the little blighter's sat behind me doing my head in lol" - Mr Coachdriver
  • "Clothes dumped on the floor." Ian from Bourne.
  • "Kids!" Kirsty
  • "Not having enough money 2 spend!" - Mr broke.
  • "I would say no manners and rudeness or a child tapping your arm and shouting mummy mummy to get your attention." Amanda
  • "Weeing on the toilet seat" Mike

So take note fellas if you ticked more than 1 of these…You need to buck up your ideas…( Mr Abby)!!!!! Hee hee hee!!!!

Love Abby x


Friday 29th Jan

What a morning, the phones went absolutely mad as soon as we announced that Heart are bringing JLS to Peterborough - Kev and I could barely keep up! Bring on July 18th, its going to be a great day for the city.

A bit earlier on we had been talking about things that men never say and here are some of my favourites:

(Mr Abby take note!)

Men never say...
"You can have all of the duvet!" Bridget from Spalding
"You open the wine i wil go and slip into a sexy little number". Lynda. X
"You were absolutely right & I was completely wrong, I'm really sorry!" Jem from March
"Your boobs are too big" Kurt in peterborough
"Does my bum look big in this"! :-D claire in wisbech x
"I'm lost and need to ask for directions" Colin.  
"Let's turn Baywatch off and put Corrie on" Peter Burrow Posh mascot
"You never hear man say Im lost so I will stop and ask directions! Lol Lesley

You lot are brilliant whoop whoop!

See you Monday x