Remember The Adorable Baby Who Looks Like Ed Sheeran? Now Her Mother Has Spoken Out

Ed Sheeran baby

Her mum hopes Ed himself will pop around!

Let’s cast our minds back to last week. We all remember the baby who broke the internet because she looks like popstar extraordinaire Ed Sheeran.

Ed seems to be everywhere at the moment, breaking sales records, dishing out CDs in HMV, popping onto Heart to chat to Jamie and Emma on the breakfast show.

Understandably, then, the snap below went viral, with the picture of two-year-old girl Isla being spread across social media.

Natalie wants Ed’s take on it all

Justin just found out Isla is a girl

Kaye has been overwhelmed by the similarity

Naif is also a bit freaked out 

Though Talia is kind of over it now

(Sorry Talia.)

And now her mother has spoken out about her daughter’s online infamy, which she admits has taken her aback somewhat.

Exeter resident Zoe Walton told E! News that she simply “can’t believe how viral it has gone”. And no wonder! She also expressed a hope that superstar Ed will “one day” make contact with young Isla in Exeter.

Isla turns three in May, so let’s hope Ed pops round to her house with a birthday cake and an acoustic guitar for a duet!